CAP CAPERS - Gallery & Testimonials from our Baseball Cap Collection Community

See the following Gallery of Pictures & Testimonials from our Baseball Cap Collecting Community!  All displayed using Cap Capers - they are no doubt, the Best Cap Rack in the World! 

Cap Capers - The Ultimate Display for Baseball Cap Displays!

很酷!What a classy display from our friends at DD&P in their Hong Kong office.  Edward Beesemer, CEO, was kind enough to supply these pics that show his fine line of headwear.  DD&P is a global organization that specializes in custom made fashion accessories and promotional items beanies, scarves, CAPS and a ton more!  Hopefully my translation from English to Chinese above says "VERY COOL" as intended!  :-) Thanks Edward and DD&P!  #BaseballCapCollectors #CapCapers #CapRacks #DD&PCapsCapCapers - Classy Baseball Cap Display from DD&P

CapCapers - Classy Baseball Cap Display from DD&P


WOW!  You don't see many collections like this - a Hard Rock Cafe baseball cap collection from around the world!  Karsten Raecke from Germany sent these pics in to show his collection!  A 'Hats Off!' to this very cool cap collection.  Nice work Karsten.  When you get to TEXAS, let me know - I am buying and will meet you at the Hard Rock Cafe in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or other Texas city for a beer or two.  If it is outside of Houston, just give me a week or so notice!  We will not need a language translator as we speak the same baseball cap collection language.  Cheers!  #HardRockCafe #BaseballCapCollections #CapCapersBaseball Cap Collection - Hard Rock Cafe - Karsten Raecke


This picture was sent in by Kent Rickels out of Arizona.  His Baseball Cap Collection is associated with a 'bucket list' task to visit all 30 of the MLB stadiums.  He only has 4 more to go!  Kent noted that "...they worked perfectly, as advertised."  Thank you Kent!  Enjoy the remaining 4 stadium visits and baseball games. #BaseballCapCollections #CapCapers #CapRacks

Baseball Cap Collection - Kent RIckels.  He noted "...they worked perfectly, as advertised."