CAPCAPERS - The Cap Capers Story

The Cap Capers Story

Necessity IS the Mother of Invention!

It was summertime when Harry Capers (aka The Capped Crusader) received his first 'FREEBIE' baseball cap. It was from Stingray Pipeline Company with a Stingray logo on the front.  Being a Corvette fanatic, when he saw the Stingray logo, he was SOLD....sold on the cap and the desire for collecting a bunch more!

Working in the Pipeline Industry in Houston, Texas, the economy was hotter than the hood of a black car sittin' in the sun on an August day at high noon!  And baseball 'Gimme-Caps' (Give-Away Caps) were EVERYWHERE!  It was Prime Time for collecting baseball caps - and Harry was right in the middle of it!

That said, with his small collection of caps, he wondered how he would display a group of caps if he were lucky enough to get more...a whole bunch more!  Over the next few weeks, he began to gather more baseball caps and began to think more about 'The Ultimate Display for a Baseball Cap!"

The rest is history.  The first production pieces ejected out of a hot steel mold within a few months of the initial idea and out came, you guessed it, the Ultimate Display for Baseball Caps, "CAP CAPERS!" 

Thank you for your interest in Cap Capers!