CAP CAPERS - The Single (1 Pc.)

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CAP CAPERS - The Single (1 Pc.)

CAP CAPERS - The Single (1 Pc.)

Cap Capers – the ultimate display for baseball caps!

Sold worldwide, Cap Capers are patented and known as the best baseball cap displays throughout the industry… its that simple!

Cap Capers provide a way to exhibit a baseball cap in a neat, organized fashion while keeping the cap property shaped. Each Cap Capers holds one baseball cap individually and allows absolute versatility in display arrangements.

Cap Capers are packaged in 6, 12 and 24 packs. Minimum order is only one package of 6 pieces, which allows 6 baseball caps to be displayed.:

SINGLE Pack                            (1 Pc.)    $3.95 
ROOKIE Starter Set                   (6 Pcs.)    $14.95

ALL-STAR Advanced Set            (12 Pcs.)  $24.95
HOME RUN Pack                        (24 Pcs.)  $39.95
GRAND SLAM Level                  (96 Pcs.)     4 - 24/pks @ $34.95 ea.

Manufactured in a flexible clear plastic for transparency against any color background, each Cap Capers has a slotted hole for a nail or screw. They also come supplied with a foam adhesive tab to permit mounting in a variety of places without the worry of nail holes.

With Cap Capers, a collection of caps can be displayed in a way to compliment the decor of any showroom, sports bar, restaurant or gameroom. Cap Capers aid in creating a highly attractive and accessible retail store display or exhibit boothe… meaning better cap sales!

For promotional advertising, Cap Capers are great premium items, especially if labeled with your personal advertisement; and due to their uniqueness, your client is sure to remember your company.

Cap Capers are PATENTED. Cap Capers is a registered and incontestable status trademark in the U. S. P. T. O.  All Rights Reserved.

If you have any further questions concerning Cap Capers, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!