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Harry Capers

Welcome to the CAP CAPERS blog - where you can find out about collectible baseball caps, and how to display them. I personally have many, many nostalgic baseball caps.  Some are rare - some not so valuable - but they sure are enjoyable to me!

Stay tuned as we will feature stories about cool baseball caps, baseball cap collections, adventures of collecting and the people involved in these great collections.  We will even have Give-Aways and Contests focusing on - you guessed it - Baseball Cap Collections and CAP CAPERS - The Ultimate Display for Baseball Caps..

If you are a baseball cap collector and would like to share info, stories, or pictures, send your info to:

Remember, there are lots of Baseball Cap Racks, Baseball Cap Stands, Ball Cap Wall Mounted Displays...... but there is ONLY ONE CAP CAPERS!!!  

No matter what you call it - Hat Rack, Cap Rack, Wall Mounted Display, Baseball Cap Holder, Hat Holder, Cap Holder, Hat Display, Cap Display, Cap Caddy, Ball Cap Display, BallCap Buddy... CAP CAPERS are what you need.

And, whether you collect baseball caps from New Era, Adidas, AJD, Alpinestars, Animal, Barbour, Billabong, Brixton, Calvin Klein, Carhartt, Christys', Columbia, Converse, Crambes, DC Comics, Deus Ex Machina, Dickies, Disney, Dorfman Pacific, Failsworth, Flexfit, Goorin Bros., Herschel Supply Co., HUF, Hurly, Kangol, King Apparel, KR3W, Levi's, Lyle & Scott, Marvel, Mitchell & Ness, Neff, New Balance, New Era, Nike Golf,  Nike, Nike SB, Olney, Patagonia, Poler, Rook, Santa Cruz, Starter, Stetson, SuperDry, Supra, The Hundreds, The North Face, Quiet Life, Timberland, Tommy Hilfiger, Vans, Wilson, Wolsey, 47 Brand - CAP CAPERS are what you need. 

We look forward to hearing from you!  And remember, as the Capped Crusader says, "GET YOUR CAP ON!"

Harry P. Capers, Jr. (aka The Capped Crusader)

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