Baseball Cap Collecting - What makes you 'Get Your Cap On'?

Baseball cap collecting can vary so much with the desires of each collector.  For example, my desires are to collect baseball caps that are old school, cute, funny and make a statement (generally not political).  My Baseball Cap Collection - Corvette Cap by CorvetteModsAh - I also have many Corvette baseball caps (See attached pic of one sold by Corvette Mods).   

You may have a taste for trendy caps, team sports, sports in general, truly valuable ball caps - like Babe Ruth's baseball cap that he wore during his 1934 tour of Japan which sold for $303,277.  For the full story, see

Whatever taste you have in baseball caps, I have no doubt you, like I, enjoy the 'adventure' of the cap collecting just as much as the ball cap itself. When that 'special' collectible baseball cap comes along, the excitement of getting it home a displaying it along with my other prized caps, quite simply, makes me happy!

I personally use my Cap Capers as my cap rack of choice, but whatever hat rack you use, whether homemade or store bought, I hope you enjoy your baseball cap collection as much as I do.  

Remember - if you have a special baseball cap you would like to write about - whether it be about the cap itself, how you found it, or what it represents to you, please submit to us and we will review for inclusion into our blog.

Thanks for viewing - as the 'Capped Crusader' says, "Get Your Cap On!"

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