CAP CAPERS - Hat Rack of the Professionals

There are other hat racks or cap displays on the market, but NONE compare with Cap Capers!   The actual display is transparent plastic - almost invisible against ANY background. That way, only the cap is seen. THAT is what you want to be seen (or not seen) - instead of some unsightly display system. 

With Cap Capers, the baseball cap is displayed in a clean, crisp shapely manner - not like a wet rag that was hung up to dry.  Importantly, the Cap Capers do not require a track system (plastic, fabric, or otherwise). But, with the Slatwall adapter, the Cap Capers can be mounted in a slatwall system.  Check out all hat racks before you buy...  we believe you will find Cap Capers the best cap holder available ...and its made in the USA!

Cap Capers - Hat Rack of Professionals



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