Collectible Baseball Caps - T.Graham Brown - Signed and Cool Options!

By now, you all know that I I love Baseball Caps - especially unique, personalized and well designed caps. I also like country music - from the 'old days'!

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to see T.Graham Brown and TG Sheppard live at Scotty's Saloon in Booth Texas.

We bought a "Party Time" T-shirt and photo from T G Sheppard and had him sign it. Then we bought a cool baseball cap and photo from T. Graham Brown - he signed it as well and we took pictures with both of these Country Western Music Legends.  SEE ALL PICS BELOW)

The event, music, and souvenirs were fantastic!  But what got me really excited was the design on T. Graham Brown's baseball cap. Check it out in these pics. Note these items: 1) His signature  (Of course) :-)   2) The Quality of the Embroidered Logo Design/Colors  3) The American Flag on the Left side 4) The slogan "No Bad Talk" embroidered on the back of the cap 5) The branding tag on the left side of the Back Strap Clip.... and finally and most awesome is option 6) The Inner Seam Taping which bears the title "Tell It Like It Used to Be" of his 1985 No. 7 hit single!   Now THAT is attention to details - how cool is that! 

I hope you enjoyed the story and pictures - let me know your thoughts!

Thanks for viewing - as the 'Capped Crusader' says, "Get Your Cap On!"

I always use my Cap Capers to display my Collectible Caps, but whatever hat rack you use, whether homemade or store bought, I hope you enjoy your baseball cap collection as much as I do.  

Remember - if you have a special baseball cap you would like to write about - whether it be about the cap itself, how you found it, or what it represents to you, please submit to us and we will review for inclusion into our blog.



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